What do residents like about living in Willow Pond?

From my townhouse and the pond I enjoy the view, the play of light on the water and the shore birds. The proximity to shopping, banking and safe sidewalks and trails for walking and biking is great. The convenience of having and attached car garage is another factor that pleases me.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Caring, courteous, professional and dependable.

Dorothy A.
Willow Pond Resident for 13 years

I love my apartment. Specifically its layout, the fact that I have a washer & dryer, and that I fact the pond and see spectacular sunsets serenity and beauty of the area

Maintenance Staff Rating: The best. They are capable, prompt, polite and affable.

Jeanette Z.
Willow Pond Resident for 3 years

Fantastic cleanliness, location near shopping, schools & airport. Friendly staff, perfect place to live.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Excellent, courteous, respectful and always fix the problem first day they are called. They are the best!!

Barbara F.
Willow Pond Resident for 5 years

  • Have an alarm system.
  • Quiet, clean.
  • Maintenance helps you right away.
  • Affordable
  • Pleasant staff

Maintenance Staff Rating: Excellent

Betsy P.
Willow Pond Resident for 1 years, 3 months

Quite and well managed - a nice place to live

Maintenance Staff Rating: Excellent Service

Joanne M.
Willow Pond Resident for 4 1/2 years

We enjoy living here. The neighbors, the esthetic surroundings, the quietness and peaceful feeling we get from living here.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Top of the line.

Robert and Evelyn W.
Willow Pond Resident for 3 years

Cleanliness, Nice Tenants, Access to Shopping

Maintenance Staff Rating: Excellent

Vincent L. T.
Willow Pond Resident for 2 years

Friendly neighbors, very quiet and peaceful.

Maintenance Staff Rating: From 1-10 a 10

Pablo A. P.
Willow Pond Resident for 1month

My apartment layout (floor plan) is very pleasing. I'm happy to have a washer and dryer. Service is excellent and provided very promptly by the Maintenance Department. Great office staff. Grounds very well tended to.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Pretty near excellent!

Eve S.
Willow Pond Resident for 10 years

It is a beautiful place. Staff here is very helpful and efficient.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Very good.

Orlando Z. and Marianela D.
Willow Pond Resident for 4 months

My wife Rita, and I have made Willow Pond our home for 20 years because it has everything we need for our retirement life-style. Attractive surroundings convenient location and excellent service. Back on Long Island this would be called " Garden Apartments "for obvious reasons when you see them.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Excellent

Martin P.
Willow Pond Resident for 20 years

It is a clean and safe place to live. I go to sleep with no worries. Close to shopping! I use the Votran Bus to go were I want. Picks me up at my door and home again. $5.oo both ways cabs not cheap.

Maintenance Staff Rating: 100 %

Geraldine S.
Willow Pond Resident for 3 years

Convenient location. Watching the wildlife by the pond and the nature walk.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Superb.

Marjorie W.
Willow Pond Resident for 2 years

I would tell everyone to live here. Very quiet, nice people.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Best we have had since we moved here.

Fred D. & Martha K.
Willow Pond Resident for 7 years

Beautifully maintained. Very nature orientated. Quiet, safe, helpful, friendly, trustworthy and efficient staff, feels like living in a real home than living in an apartment.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Excellent

Diana S.
Willow Pond Resident for 5 years

Attractive complex, very well maintained with great service by both maintenance & rental office.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Great, friendly and knowledgeable.

Debbie & Ken K.
Willow Pond Resident for 5 months

The apartment itself perfectly laid out for us.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Excellent very competent, friendly always there when you need them.

Maggie and Jimmy V.
Willow Pond Resident for 16 years

This is a well maintained quiet community. It exemplifies a rental home which makes you feel safe, comfortable & cared for each and every day.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Excellent

Pamela C.
Willow Pond Resident for 14 months

Friendly atmosphere, also it is very convenient to shopping etc. Quiet, pond and trees make it for pleasant surroundings.

Maintenance Staff Rating: Very good. My regrets are always handled promptly. I particularly appreciate the valet trash pick up.

Gladys H.
Willow Pond Resident for 5 years

  • Location
  • Trail Walk, Lakes, Pool House
  • Maintenance, Including Response.
  • Layout of Apartments
  • Lease Renewal Carpet Cleaning Certificate

Maintenance Staff Rating: Very Good

Mary J. J.
Willow Pond Resident for 8 years